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1  Server / Skills / Re: Prime/trigger mechanism for skills on: November 15, 2010, 06:35:04 AM
Hello Surgeon  Grin

in my opinion I don't think that it would be a very good idea if you have to ready the skill first since it would take away the versatility of the system we have now.

I mean if you ready a skill like "wave" and suddenly the situation changes and you would like to cast "warp" you are pretty much stuck with a wrong choice.

Well you could make more than 1 command to activate the skills like for example in Hexer where you have /heal, /def /ofs and /summon or alternatively /cc1, /cc2, /cc3 or /cc4 but you would still be limited to only 4 skills you could "prime".

So in my opinion it would be better if the system we have now would stay.

If you have problems with too many taunts for your keys you may also want follow the advice of Chraster and get a registration key for soldat to handle multiple profiles (see how I only said "get" and not "buy" >_> ).

Or if you don't want to register your copy of Soldat you can make a copy of the "taunts.txt" file in your Soldat folder and fill in your taunts for our server (you could also make copies for the other servers you play on and need special taunts as well) and name the file to something like "taunts htzrpg.txt" and whenever you want to play in this server you could rename the normal "taunts.txt" to something like "taunts backup.txt" and then rename the "taunts htzrpg.txt" to "taunts.txt".
So you could easily change your profiles without registering your Soldat copy (I did this also before i "got" my registry key :p).

tl;dr?  NO!


And the ability to do this will be added in the soldat update that should be coming soon.

Hacktank you are just an hopeless optimist.  Grin
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