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1  Server / General / Re: NECROMANCY on: September 28, 2013, 02:10:38 PM
i will once i have my fixes done. i should have a business class internets connection in here by he middle of October. i'll try and get the hard line run tomorrow night.

from the looks of it: it's the only 1.6.2 server on the list.
2  Server / General / Re: NECROMANCY on: September 25, 2013, 03:08:19 PM
alright: long story short: i'm committing a cardinal sin and using a wireless bridge to get internet access to my server. this is temporary until i can run a cable through the floor or get a new inlet installed. if you get flood kicked or awful ping: this is why. it will be this way for a couple of days yet. i'm waiting for a friend's off day to take care of it.

after that: ping should improve nominally. i'll see what i can do about upgrading my connection before October rolls around.
3  Server / General / Re: NECROMANCY on: September 23, 2013, 07:36:50 PM
i'm migrating the server to my rack as i type this. i'm going to do some preliminary testing tonight, but it should be up.

however, i can't promise an amazing ping atm. over the next few months i'll be upgrading to a business class connection and investing in a little more equipment.

EDIT: it's up on the server list. go give it a test. if you'd played on it before: your accounts should all still be there.
4  Server / General / NECROMANCY on: August 01, 2013, 08:51:32 PM
first off: my deepest apologies.

i was intending to pick up the effort in HT's footsteps. i'd made it to setting up, re-balancing, a few minor fixes, and making a pretty quality map for the server. i had it running for about 5 months. then life decided to butt in and drag me from my hole in the ground kicking and screaming.

the last bit i'd been working on was a PvP map to add to the server. not in rotation, but to vote in. to break things up a bit.

so here we are again. one year later. my rack is going to be coming back online shortly.
i try to live up to my word. even if i can't get to it when i'd like.

hopefully in around 6 months i'll be able to dedicate a large portion of my time (and money) towards equipment improvements and a higher grade internet connection. i'd expect the rack to be up. . . sometime in October.

it's currently at v1.6.2
did a quick local test; everything still works.

time to go oil your rifles.
5  Server / General / Re: ZRPG server on: March 13, 2012, 11:19:06 AM
got myself in over my head with a map. holy shit.


making live edits to it form now on. its in rotation.
good luck.

also: appologies for the recent downtime. i formatted recently and forgot to change the power settings.
6  Server / General / ZRPG server on: March 03, 2012, 11:24:29 PM
after noticing that people still post in the shoutbox: it occurred that i should probably post something here.

i used to play on hacktank's server and loved the shit out of ZRPG. one of the most enjoyable scripts i've seen. i too feel like its something that should be kept around.

for the time being i'm running the server locally (boo @ me)
however i have a server rack i am working at getting setup.
the problem is that i need to get a new breaker and outlet setup for it.
once i have power for it i'll migrate the server and it should be good to stay there indefinitely.

the server should show up on the list as Neskimos ZRPG


this brings me to what i'm doing with it at the moment.

weapon settings are fun, so i did those first. i think most of them are ok. i should probably make the ruger more expensive, but other than that i'm open to feedback at this point.

i sorted out and gave some love to the !commands/!help print outs

!kazistl displays kazi styles text.

edited loot item drop table to switch basic weapons for extra pickups.

i think i know how to get rid of the extra zeroes and may be giving that a shot soon

i haven't done much to it yet, but i understand how it works. this is my first time seeing pascal, but code is code for the most part.

next on the list is to try and stop the copycats from butt raping everyone with the ak. they seem to ignore the reload speed.

in the votemap script it says my player id is out of range if i !maps. this is likely what i'll be digging into next. the other commands work fine.

other than that; things appear to be operating smoothly.

as for maps

i have 26 maps in rotation
i felt there should be a little more variety
i have a large map pack containing mostly crap and unfriendly maps
so i'm working on one as a break from pissing people off by restarting the server every 5 minutes.

this is what it's looking like so far:

once i get the last few kinks worked out i'll consider making some kind of addition.
what's been done is mostly all you can do, but i've been considering trying to do ctf with the zombies on charlie team.
run a side-script that takes priority if it sees a ztf_ prefix or w/e. i'll figure it out if the idea gets that far.

i'll leave it at that for now. we'll see how many people are actually around here still.
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