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1  Server / Bugs / Re: Script-Problem on v1.6.8 on: December 23, 2014, 10:44:15 PM
The Server Version of Soldat is: (Soldatversion)1.6.8 - (Serverversion)2.7.8
I just tried the ZRPG-Script and i'm getting the error, which you can see in the attached file.

I already tried to understand, why this is happening, but i don't have a clue.

Please help me to fix this thing Smiley


I'm experiencing exactly the same problem right now  Huh
Server runs but it lags badly and failing to create an account (scripting set to 1). I've already tried to paste the newest copy of ZRPG.pas onto my server. I've also tried to change 1942 line to that one suggested by EpyGod - it only resulted in stopping ZRPG script at all... I'm so close to getting things done and enjoying this great script but still so far. I believe fixing this issue might fix lags and problem with creating account as well. Thank you for any suggestions Hacktank.

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