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Title: [SOLVED] Mounting a Server
Post by: ZumaGarou on May 17, 2013, 03:58:45 AM
Hi everyone :D.

I play this ZRPG 2 years ago, aprox, its one of the best games I play.
When i was new on Soldat i want to host a server of this game. But the script isent public when I play.

Now I hav internet again, and wow, see the notices, ZRPG liberated. (sorry for my english).

But, im still a newbie about Soldat mounting server...

I want a ZRPG for my friends of spain, we never play with low ping ever with 150-250 :(, sad.
Now I can host a server of ZRPG with 0 ping!... but i dont know exactly how to do this.

If someone can help me... with a little tutorial of how to mount a ZRPG, what i need to download, and where i put the things...
I will try my best.

Thanks to everyone :).

PD: I search on every site... google, soldat's forum's and here... and may i am stupid, but i dont get what i want... that the reason, please, help me :).

Thx again people :).

Title: Re: Mounting a Server
Post by: Hacktank on May 17, 2013, 07:22:40 AM
Sure, you need to download the Soldat Server (link (http://soldat.thd.vg/down.php?id=66&mirror=http%3A%2F%2Fstatic.soldat.pl%2Fdownloads%2Fsoldatserver2.7.3_1.6.3.zip&lang=en)), and the script (link (http://forums.soldat.pl/index.php?action=dlattach;topic=41709.0;attach=28718)). Then you make a new folder on your desktop and extract the server's zip file into it. Then you open the zrpgevo.zip and go into the zrpgevo folder (you will see bots and scripts), then extract the bots and scripts folders to where you put the server files, it should ask you to merge the folders, click yes. Then open the Server.ini file and change scripting=0 to scripting=1!

At this point the server will run with ZRPG Evolved and be playable, if you are wanting your friends to be able to connect to your server over the internet you will have to do some port forwarding, to do this you will need to go into your router's settings page, we will need your computer's IP address as well, so hold down the windows button and press R key at the same time to open the RUN command, type CMD and press enter, there should be a black console window, type IPCONFIG and press enter, look for where it says default gateway, it will likely be or, take that number and type it into your internet address bar, then you can follow the directions listed at portforward.com.

I made a quick youtube video showing how to do this, the port forwarding part will be slightly different for your router, unless you happen to have the same router as me.

Title: Re: Mounting a Server
Post by: ZumaGarou on May 18, 2013, 02:05:51 PM
My godness, Im very impressed... I know, my english level is like a boy with 12 years old... sorry for that Dx.

How can I say... Im very far glad... dont know if its written correctly... I will remember that ^^, like I remember our first.
I will try to do something with camtasia seven :D.

And even more...

But from now, I only say, thanks you very much(very very), I'll do my best ^^.

Edit: This thread can be closed, its totally solved. :) (I dont know how to do, if i can put [Solve] or what xD) Thx again :).

Edit2: Np with the Ip's I can create a AdHoc with the laptop :D.

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