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: The Big List of Awesomeness!
: DarkCrusade December 17, 2010, 07:09:18 PM
Skills are divided into 2 categories: active and passive abilities. Active abilities are triggered by a command, passive ones by other events. [X..Y] is used to show the effect of a skill of both minimum (X) and maximum (Y) level. Things in brackets after skill descriptions are comments on the skill.

Skill ideas: 46


Fog Shield


Empathic Bond (Passive): For every ally in range damage you receive is reduced by [0,3..0,46] %.

Rest (Passive): Every second that you don't shoot or move you regenerate health and ammunition. You need to rest for 3 seconds for this effect to start.

SP Fire (Passive; needs to be activated in options): Converts SP into additional damage. Numbers can be discussed, because I'm not quite sure here..

Vulture (Passive): Adds [3..4] HP to your maximum health for every killed zombie. Resets upon death.

Mirror Shield (Passive): Mirror [0.5..1.5]% damage to the shooter.

Vengeful (Passive): The lower your health, the higher your damage. Full health: dmg * 1; Dead: dmg * 2.25 (>PSG)

Guard (Passive): Allies in range receive less damage, excluding yourself.

Lucky Cat (Passive): Every time you kill a zombie there is a chance ([0,1..0,2]) that you gain 50 SP. Available from lvl 1 onwards, upgradeable once [lvl 20].

Unfair Advantage (Passive): You deal [5..10]% more damage against reloading enemies.

Robbery (Passive): Everytime an ally in range dies, you steal potions from him. (Heals to full life and gives grenades. 7% chance that it gives a random bonus)


Demigod (Active): You gain demigod status for [10..14] seconds . While active, your gun reloads once every second and you receive only half the normal damage. Drains all mana and souls.

Knife Flurry (Active): You have infinite knives for [20..30] seconds.

Mage Master (Active): Drains all mana and souls. All spells are free for [15..25] seconds. (High cost)

Braincrusher (Active): Instantly kill the next zombie. (low range)

Shadowstep (Active): The next time you'd be hit by a zombie you don't receive any damage and warp to a different place, away from the zombie.
Final Blow (Active): Sacrifice yourself to kill all zombies in range. (High cost)

Ride the Lightning (Active): Ride a lightning bolt and warp with lightspeed into the next zombie (if in range). (medium damage, low cost)

Soulchain (Active): Everytime you deal damage, the next zombie (if in range) receives 1/2 the damage the first zombie got. Hits up to 4 zombies in a row. Lasts [14..32] seconds.

Savanna's Heat (Active): The air around you heats up over time. Lasts 5 seconds. Deals [10..13] damage (damage is dealt every second). The damage doubles every second.

Gamble (Active): If you are lucky, your next shot deals +2500 damage, but there is a chance for you to die or for no effect at all.

Searing Bullets (Active): Your bullets light zombies on fire for [14..32] seconds.

Protective Spirit (Active): Zombies can deal only a maximum of [12..10]% of your maximum health of damage. Lasts [6..9] seconds.

Pacifism (Active): Zombies around you are disarmed and cannot deal damage for [4..7] seconds. Effect ends earlier if damage is dealt to a zombie.

Flak Ammo (Active): Your current ammunition is changed to an explosive one.

Hellfire (Active): The next 3 zombies (if in range) get hit by Hellfire. Zombies which survive deal less damage.

Healing Spot (Active): Sets a healing spot on your position. Allies - including yourself - get healed by [9..14] every second. Lasts [10..15] seconds.

Berserker (Active): Your health drops to 1. You don't receive any healing for [16..13] seconds. You deal [160..220]% damage for [13..20] seconds.

Mist Form (Active): You cannot receive or deal damage for [4..6] seconds.

Claymores (Active): Summon [3..4] claymores on random positions around you. Claymores last [60..72] seconds and explode once a zombie steps on one.

Holy Spirit (Active): Once casted, this spell triggers when you die. You rise from the dead and gain 3 seconds of invincibility (so you won't die directly after being reborn when you die in a deadly pit). This spell costs around 100 Mana and 20 Souls to make it balanced.

Snipershot (Active): Next target in direct sight is targeted. Shoot [5..10] bullets straight into your enemies direction.

Aflatoxin (Active): Next zombie is infected (no pun intended) and drains health from the target. Upon death Aflatoxin can spread to 3 more zombies if they are in range.

Call Supplies (Active): You and your allies get one random bonus each. This includes Minigun/M79. Additionaly, you are healed by 33% of your maximum health.

Mark of Pain (Active): Strongest zombie (determined by amount of health) in range gets cursed. Everytime you or one of your allies deals damage to this zombie all zombies in range receive half the amount of damage.

Rescue Move (Active): Teleport to the nearest medikit.

Delay Bomb (Active): First activation: Plant a delay bomb. Second activation: Blow the delay bomb up. Zombies in range receive damage and are disarmed for [3..5] seconds.

Vampire's Gaze (Active): Drain [60..90] health from up to [3..6] zombies in range.

Deadly Swarm (Active): Deals damage to a zombie. Spreads and chains (2 seconds between every new zombie). Can hit up to [4..8] zombies.

Tigerstance (Active): You deal [15..35]% additional damage for [8..12] seconds. Ends when damaged.

Portal (Active): Place a beacon. The next time you die, you enter a portal and respawn on that position.
Fog Shield (Active): Enemies have a [30..40]% chance to miss you. The chance decreases by [4..2,5]% for every hit you don't take and increases by [1..2,5]% for every hit you take. Lasts [30..60] seconds.

Traitor (Active): You join the forces of the zombies until you die. You can slaughter your former allies and enjoy the bloodbath, but you loose Mana and souls for every kill instead of gaining. You loose health, Mana and souls over time as well. You gain 1000exp for capping, though. (Not sure about this skill, because it could turn new players off when a high level basturd rapes the base)

Fragile Ammunition (Active): Your left ammunition is replaced with fragile ammunition which breaks into pieces flying into every direction except yours.
Drive (Active): Your next [3..5] shots deal +[250..350]% damage but you take [25..16] damage each.

Holy Flash (Active): Costs less mana for every zombie in range. Deals [50..200] damage to the next zombie. A zombie killed by Holy Flash gives [200..300]% the experience.

: Re: Skill suggestions
: loquillo December 19, 2010, 05:21:37 PM
Wow, very cool ideas.

I have one:

supply drop: when called (/supply) all items will be dropped around the player (all guns, health packs, armor, nades, cluster, vanish, berseker, flamer, etc). This could help all players in the game.

: Re: Skill suggestions
: DarkCrusade December 27, 2010, 11:31:45 PM
Added more ideas and updated the structure of the first post so it's easier to find stuff. Some descriptions overworked. Number of suggestions yet: 37 :P

: Re: The Big List of Awesomeness!
: mich1103 January 02, 2011, 04:02:41 PM
Really nice idea  ;D. I love the 'Vengeful' one :P.

: Re: The Big List of Awesomeness!
: loquillo January 02, 2011, 05:34:00 PM
Hey Dark, I have a new idea, please add it to the list.

Artillery fire (Active): Drops a M79 bullets rain 30-50 mts (depends on level) around the player. The attack will begin 3 seconds after call it, and will last between 3 and 6 seconds (depends on level).

: Re: The Big List of Awesomeness!
: fredoskimb January 09, 2011, 04:26:24 AM
Renamned To: The Big List of Tiredness *sleeping on the keyboard* This is my droll making this ^^
OMFG! you got a dreamers brain... making 37.... suggestions.....
Yeah....... anyway
how am i suppose to make ideas when HT hasen't relpied to this wich will go trough or not and others.....
This is a BIG issue for me since i'm stuck up with my suggestion/ideas will be to close yours....
BTW rename lucky cat to meet the leprucaun ^^

: Re: The Big List of Awesomeness!
: DarkCrusade January 09, 2011, 09:22:37 AM
You can make suggestions which are not based on ideas suggested before. HT decides what and what not will be added to the server.

: Re: The Big List of Awesomeness!
: Hacktank January 10, 2011, 09:41:08 PM
Implemented Vulture and Fog Shield, sorry about the slowness. It takes time to code/debug new skills. There is a huge amount of tasks that must be done to add a new skill.

: Re: The Big List of Awesomeness!
: loquillo January 10, 2011, 11:00:57 PM
Implemented Vulture and Fog Shield, sorry about the slowness. It takes time to code/debug new skills. There is a huge amount of tasks that must be done to add a new skill.

Nice, gonna try them!!

: Re: The Big List of Awesomeness!
: DarkCrusade January 19, 2011, 04:09:45 PM
Big thanks to HT for adding the new skills! I added another 4 ideas to the list: Robbery (P), Fragile Ammunition (A), Drive (A) and Holy Flash (A).

: Re: The Big List of Awesomeness!
: --Shin-- January 20, 2011, 11:49:02 AM
Skill: Shin
Effect: makes you invincible

: Re: The Big List of Awesomeness!
: DarkCrusade January 23, 2011, 06:56:32 AM
@Shin: Sorry, I seem to have made a serious spelling mistake when I added the skill 'Mist Form' but something keeps me from changing it. Fate or karma, make your choice :P

: Re: The Big List of Awesomeness!
: --Shin-- January 23, 2011, 07:38:06 PM
actually, the two are nothing alike.
the skill does have its hidden effects, just like yugioh cards.
as such, the skill only works for me, and is on 24/7, is passive, and makes me 1 hit everything without me losing any mana, soul, or dignity.

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